Tuesday, 25 June 2024 02:13

Railway shipping

In the chain of logistics services we offer comprehensive services related to railway and container transport, tailored to match the needs and expectations of our clients. We specialize in the transport of construction materials between Poland and countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. The railway transport logistics services offered to our clients include the standard services as well as new solutions, created ad hoc and continuously improved in order to facilitate and optimize the organization of transport. The services offered to our clients include:

  • collecting goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse (by road or railway transport, or by sending an empty container on a road travelling platform);
  • handling of cargo to normal-width or wide-width cars;
  • securing cargo in the car;
  • review of shipping documents for compliance with the actually handled commodities in the cards;
  • payment of railway freight fee to the destination station;
  • monitoring the transport and obtaining feedback from clients as to the condition of the goods delivered to the recipient;
  • assistance in solving all problems related to railway transport to the destination station.